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Do you believe in ghosts ? Welcome to the most popular section of my website, the true ghost stories archive. Here you can see some of my collection about ghosts with pictures. These are true ghosts that exist Science and Islam both prove that so browse all ghosts stories here and if you have any true story please send me at shaitaan@shaitaan.net i will post in my website with your identity.

This is a picture of a "claimed to be ghost," in the movie "Three Men and a Baby."Rumors go as so; That the boy killed himself with a shotgun, {which also is claimed to appear in the movie}, he threw himself out of the window of the apartment, and many other versions follow.It was said that the "ghostly image," didn't appear while filming, but after in the editing room.Being it was a
built stage in which this movie was filmed, and not an actual apartment, most belive it was just a publicity stunt.You decide what to believe, if you haven't seen the movie, rent it so you may see this"spirit" for yourself!

"Demon Face in the Cloud of Smoke" Is this the real face of a demon, or just coincidence? You decide...